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Vincent Lee, MD


I believe that to many there is no scarier word than the word “cancer”. Many people remember that exact moment when they found out about their cancer diagnosis. There is often a feeling of great uncertainty from not knowing what to expect next, and from not knowing how life will change.

It also marks the start of a new journey. The road is difficult, but along the way, cancer patients find that they are stronger than they thought. They find support from unexpected places. And they also find hope.

That’s why I went into the field of Radiation Oncology. I have been inspired by people like you who have come from this journey stronger. I am here to help you understand radiation therapy, and if it’s appropriate for you, to help you know what to expect. It is a privilege to help you during this season in life, and to walk with you on this journey. Thanks for your trust.

I grew up in Pennsylvania, and that’s where I did my medical training too. I am a graduate from the Pennsylvania State University / Jefferson Medical College Six-Year Accelerated Medical Program. I then completed residency training at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh, where many of the important national clinical trials for breast and colorectal cancer were coordinated. Following training, I practiced at one of the nation’s largest military radiation oncology centers, serving military and veterans in the Bay Area and Sacramento Valley. I then returned east and joined the staff at the Cleveland Clinic. In 2012, I joined the team at the South Sacramento Cancer Center and am proud to join a talented team of caregivers who serve a wonderfully diverse and loyal community of members.